About Lisa Reynaldo


Doctor of Naturopathy, CNHP, CNC, MH, CHS, and Founder of Arise & Shine Vitality                                 

 I am a native of Southern California and the very proud mother of my daughter Kayla, born in 1997. Kayla is the love of my life, and I spend most of my personal time watching her grow into an amazing young lady. Professionally, I have been in the Real Estate Industry, as well as in the Alternative Health and Wellness Industry since 1988.    

My credentials in the wellness industry are;  Doctor of Naturopathy, Certified Nutritionist, Certified Natural Health Professional, Master Herbalist, among others.  I am also the founder of Arise & Shine Vitality.  

I have been blessed to be a part of the health and wellness field for over 23 years, gaining extensive professional and personal experience in alternative natural health care. 

My career started when I was given the opportunity to work for Clarks Nutrition.  My passion for wellness began shortly after I started working for Clarks.  After I completed several courses with Bastyre University on Natural Health Care, it became very clear to me how vitally important and effective alternative health care is.  This is when I began to learn some of the foundational beliefs that I share and carry on today in my own practice.  A couple of those many  beliefs are, “We have been blessed and given an ultra intelligent body that can heal itself IF we give it what it needs,” another is  “When you give the body what it needs, the body will repay you with optimum health, superior energy, exhilarating vitality, and a positive disposition to go out and take advantage of life’s opportunities.”   

I then began to experience first hand repeated success stories from customers that would come in to Clarks on a daily basis.  Many of which had recently been given a short time to live by their medical professionals due to their medical conditions.  I learned quickly that unfortunately, for many that have severe illnesses, discovering alternative health is last on the totem pole for them.  Fortunately there is a very true phrase “better late than never.”  When these type of customers would come in to Clarks, they naturally were filled with fear, and at the same time they were desperate for some hope and wellness.  The first thing that I got to share with them was the gift of hope.  I was able to share with them many success stories of people that had overcome similar type illnesses and were able to go on to experience the best health they ever had by making certain nutritional, lifestyle, and emotional changes.  My job was to educate them with some basic fundamentals and make appropriate recommendations and it was then entirely up to them to take action and make the changes.   I remember my passion for health and wellness begin and start to deepen right after my very first experiences of having customers come back in after being on their program for a short time.  These were blessings and amazing experiences that I got to experience time and time again.  As soon as I would see them come through the door it was so clear to see that they were doing better.  You could easily see it on their faces and feel it in their spirit.  Then after speaking to them I would get to hear that not only were they were starting to feel better but that they were starting to experience the best health they’ve had in months or for some even years!  Each and every one of those moments were definitely a blessing to be a part of.  

Then in 1994 for the first time ever, my own father was hospitalized and had to have a four bypass heart surgery.  Shortly after the surgery and while he was still in the hospital he was diagnosed with colon cancer, and was given less than a year to live by his doctor.  They had found a tumor a bit larger than the size of a golf ball in his colon.  And they wanted him to start chemotherapy treatments right away.  This was the first time anything like this had happened in my family, as we had always been blessed with good health.  To say this was a difficult time for him and I would be an incredible understatement.  Fear exuded both of us, as for anyone that has been given such a label.  

At this point one of the only good things going was that I got to give the same type of hope to my own father that I shared with many Clarks customers.  This was also an opportunity for me to develop the same type of hope within myself for my dad.  Long story short my dad decided to make some great changes in his life.  He decided to accept Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior.  Then he made nutritional changes, lifestyle changes, and emotional changes and I am very happy to say he lived nearly 20 YEARS healthy, and cancer free without ever having any chemotherapy treatments!

A huge new incredibly exciting chapter started in my life after several major life traumatic events that occurred in 2012-2013.  In 2013 I started teaching wellness classes at my church.  A few years before this, I had been watching a Joel Osteen sermon on TV where he was talking about the importance of taking proper care of our body temples.  It was during this sermon that I heard God in a pretty audible voice say, "The enemy is out to steal, kill, and destroy my people.  One of the ways he's doing it is through the very food that they're eating.  Go help educate my people and wake up my church!"    It took me a while to step into the boldness of carrying through with this.  The comfy cozy zone in my life up to this point was more one on one anf having nothing to do with public speaking!  After my church opened the doors for me to teach these classes, I was blown away at how many signed up for the class.  The 8-10 that I had originally thought MIGHT be interested in taking the class turned out to be 65 -70!  And the incredible healing blessings that God started to quickly do (and continues to do) in the classes was nothing short of miracles!   Now I'm honored through the grace of God to share that there have been hundreds that have taken the class!

Shortly after starting the wellness classes at church, God lead me to Gods Grace Healing Rooms in Temecula, Ca.  Although I had accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior in my late teens, this was the start of a whole new life that I never knew existed!  Shortly after going to the healing/prayer rooms to receive personal prayer, I found myself taking the training classes to become part of the prayer team to become educated and equipped to pray for others.    I quickly started to witness God doing great healing miracles first hand through me and those that were on the prayer team!  Although I had over 20 years in the wellness industry and witnessed many healing miracles first hand.  This new found healing treasure added a whole new incredible aspect to my practice and life!   Much of what I had experienced over the years with clients that would take time on healing protocols, God started to intervene and bring instantaneous healing, and freedom!   Through the power of hands on healing, I have had the privilege of witnessing many miraculous healings such as, people being able to walk after being bound to wheel chairs, I've seen deaf ears open, I've seen people set free from high levels of constant pain.  I've also seen many people set free from addictions, and different bondages that had previously kept them bound for years.  It's this new found "treasure" and way of life that I now live to serve God and equip the world with one person at a time by sharing the gifts of health, hope and freedom to live life at it's highest level and the fullest potential that God TRULY desires!   It is such an incredible honor, joy and blessing to be a great catalyst for change on such an outcome!      

My goals with each client as a Natural Health Care Practitioner & Ambassador For Jesus;  

The main goal I'm very passionate about sharing is giving the gift of health, hope, and freedom!  Many people suffer unnecessarily in our world by living a hope deprived life, chained and bound to various things, such as sicknesses, pain, and addictions.  I believe health, hope and freedom are some of our greatest gifts and blessings!  It says in the Bible, that it's God will, law and desire, for us to be vibrantly healthy, and to live an abundant life secure life in Him! (Jeremiah 33:6.)   This is among one of Gods many truths that fuels my passion and fire to share with the world!                   

I also thrive from giving the gift of natural health education through the various classes I teach. I greatly enjoy educating clients and students, and inspiring them to make positive changes in their health and life by taking simple steps that will quickly start to compound over time and make profound differences, enabling them to live their life at its highest level and fullest potential!

I look forward to helping you, inspiring you, encouraging you, and equipping you to be vibrantly health, and free in every area of your life so that you can fully live the abundant, prosperous, secure life God designed for you to live!  

My Credentials.

  • Ambassador of Jesus Christ. 
  • Over 23 years of extensive professional and personal experience in the health, wellness, and fitness industry.  
  • Doctor of Naturopathy, ND.
  • Master Herbalist, MH.
  • Certified Nutritionist, CNC.
  • Certified Health Specialist, CHS.
  • Certified Natural Health Professional (CNHP.)
  • Certified in Body Systems and Body Work through CNHP.