CLASS TESTIMONIES from Jan- April   

Collectively these 2 groups lost over 900 lbs. and are continuing to shed excess weight.

There were many improvements reported from blood lab results as well as doctor visits.  Many were able to reduce or eliminate multiple medications, such as; pain medication, blood pressure medications, insulin and non insulin diabetic medications, migraine/headache prescriptions, water pills, among others.  Some of the other pleasant 'side effects' they reported from getting healthier were; increased energy, improved mental clarity, improved memory, improved faith, strengthened and closer relationship with God, increased sense of well being, improved appetite, improved motivation, improved sense of well being,  improved sleep, reduced/eliminated pain, increased longevity, improved digestion, improved fitness levels,  just to name a few!

"I’m really seeing and feeling improvements in my health.  I've lost 38 lbs and I haven’t had a soda since class started either.  I've also enjoyed my venture in the organic/farm fresh foods."

“I have tried so many other programs to get healthier and lose weight but none have worked like this class.”

"This class has been so life changing for me and my family, and my mom as well.  Knowledge is power and I definitely feel that I now have the power to make smarter choices and to bring about healthy changes for my children.  Passing this information down to the next generation and teaching them how to make healthy food choices is the greatest gift we can give our kids.  So thanks just doesn't seem like enough.  But, thank you Lisa!!"

"My husband is feeling better and is finally migraine and headache free after YEARS of having them constantly!”

   "I look forward to wednesday nights, they’re MY night and I don’t want to be anywhere else!"

"This class has really improved my relationship with God."

"The weekly meetings and walks have made me accountable and helped me stop to think about what I am putting in my mouth and on my family's plate.  I have also enjoyed meeting new friends."

"This class has been such a blessing in my life and my family's life!"

"My boys are dehydrating fruit for their snacks, and taking nuts to school for snacks and saying, "don’t buy any chips and junk food anymore mom." 

There were MANY more wonderful messages!!!  I have to say the work and healing that has happened in these groups have been nothing other than a total God thing!  And it is truly an honor and blessing beyond measure to be a part of!