"Lisa taught me so much about nutrition as well as my overall health. She introduced me to a new lifestyle and taught me to listen to my body. Lisa is caring, genuine, and very knowledgeable about health and wellness. She made an incredible difference in my life and in the lives of so many others." ~H.B.

“Lisa is my "go to" girl for health and wellness!  Her health and wellness coaching has literally changed my life! Lisa is very patient and caring.  After my one on one consultation with her, she walked me through every step... Including balancing my hormones, a healthy eating plan and supplements to meet my needs. I love being healthy and feeling good!  She is a life saver!!!”  ~ B.B.

Originally, I signed up with Lisa to learn more about healthy eating. I'm here to tell you that I learned sooo much more, Lisa and her knowledge became such a vital part of this health journey for my whole family. We will never go back to being blind as to what we put into our bodies, and the changes that followed in our minds and attitudes were and are such a positive force in our life. I love the fact, that as you follow Lisa's plan, she really has your best self as her goal, teaching you the Good, Better, Best methods. Anyone can do this! She is a supportive force, never making you feel like you have failed. It was an awesome journey and many of my family members benefited from all the lessons we learned. Your life and wellness will be changed, leaving you feeling stronger, more aware, and mentally and physically healthier and happier! ~M.P.

Shortly after my 50th birthday, I developed a problem with my joints specifically my hands and feet. My fingers were always numb and I would get shooting pains through them. I was having difficulties in holding onto anything. After visiting several medical doctors and specialist and even having surgery done to relieve a trigger finger, I was getting no answers or relief. So after 6 years of dealing with the medical profession I decided to look for a naturopath and picked up Lisa Reynaldo card at Organic Roots in Temecula in early 2015…. After meeting and working with Lisa on changing my diet and starting a supplement program, I have to say that I am now back to enjoying the things that I had given up due to hand pain and difficulties in gripping anything. Gardening and landscaping in my backyard was always my stress reducer and I am so happy to be able to do those chores again. I no longer have to worry about shaking hands with a customer or vendor at my work knowing that it will not be painful. It was not an overnight change by any means, but Lisa kept working at it and was genuinely engaged in finding a healing path that would get me back to where I now know I can be active in my retirement years…..My only regret was not getting with her sooner. ~R.L.