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Candida and autoimmune diseases are a set of symptoms rather than the disease names they are often called. 

I am sure this sounds odd until you think it through. Any disease is a symptom or set of symptoms of an unbalanced internal environment. So let’s start there and think about what allows the environment to get out of balance. It is simple; there are only two answers, too much waste or not enough nutrients. Waste is simply defined as anything the body no longer needs. (Perhaps it never needed it to begin with) and nutrients should be in the food we consume. 

Let's assume you have read our article on proper digestion and specifically about protein and carbohydrate digestion.  If not, please click the link and read them Importance of Proper Digestion.  I suggest you start there because undigested food is perfect environment to allow candida to thrive.      

When you eat a meal, the food is reduced in size by the digestive enzymes, then minerals are pulled from the blood stream to make HCL (hydrochloride) in the stomach, which drops the stomach pH to about 3, killing pathogens on the food and enabling protein and minerals to be further broken down by the other digestive juices the acid pH activates. This food then goes to the small intestines where it is rapidly alkalized. (Remember, you don’t have protective mucosa on the small intestine walls so without this alkalizing mineral bath, you will have burning and pain.) This entire process must take place to break food into small enough pieces that it can now pass through the wall of the small intestines and be picked up as food for energy at cell level.

If all this is working properly and you are eating a diet rich in raw or at least organic foods you are probably in good shape. However most people have a problem somewhere before we get to this point. 

If you happen to eat fast, the digestive enzymes made in the mouth are not able to mix with the food in a high enough quantity to predigest that food. If you don’t make HCL then the pepsin cannot convert to pepsinogen in the stomach, and protein digestion as well as mineral absorption is impeded and the pancreas must work harder attempting to make enough enzymes to digest the proteins in the small intestine. If your overworked pancreas cannot keep up with the demands put on it, enzyme production will decrease or stop altogether. This sets up a scenario that makes the body malnourished in spite of proper food intake. 

Food that cannot cross the gut wall as cellular nourishment, either irritates the gut wall or crosses through and circulates unable to be used. A large piece of food crossing the gut wall creates a situation that can lead to all kinds of problems (We will get back to them in a minute).  The body automatically sets up a defense plan, thus yeast enters the picture. Although we call yeast or candida a bad bacteria it really isn’t. It is simply a bacterium in the gut with a job to do.  That job is to eat protein or starch that wasn’t digested in the gut so that it doesn’t accidentally get into the blood stream. When dealing with any cell structure, the more you feed it the more waste it makes. It is the waste from the yeast being metabolised by the cells that creates an imbalance which shows up as symptoms of dis-ease. Killing off all the yeast is not the answer, feeding it less is!!! Yeast must be present in the gut, just like probiotics. They both have a purpose. 

Yeast isn’t a bad guy, the yeast has simply been super-sized. Killing off the enlarged yeast is simple, cellulase digests yeast quite effectively. It can be administered internally for systemic issues, as a mouth rinse, a douche or enema, or even as a foot soak. Cellulase is the main ingredient in Enzyme Solutions Formula #17.  The other ingredients in this product are probiotics. Remember that this is a band aid if you do not clean up the digestion so that the yeast has less to eat, therefore less to eliminate. 

Now back to those undigested foods that got though the gut wall into the blood. Simply put, they must be dealt with by the immune system. They are called circulating immune complexes and are acted on by white blood cells as a foreign invader. These will, over time, tax the immune system to the point that it can not even recognize what belongs and what doesn’t.  This may surface as an auto immune problem. 

Common Systemic Yeast (Candida) Symptoms:

It is common to feel frustrated and alone when dealing with a yeast overgrowth because Candida is evasive to much of the medical community. The following list of common symptoms are indicative of candida overgrowth:

· Gas, bloating, indigestion, heartburn or pain in the intestines
· Bowel irregularities, constipation or diarrhea or perhaps alternating between both
· Food cravings especially for carbohydrates or sweets.
· Mood swings, depression or suicidal tendencies
· Headaches or migraines
· Menstrual problems, PMS or break through bleeding, endometriosis.
· Respiratory concerns, asthma frequent bronchial congestion
· Skin problems, dry, itchy or hives
· Finger or toe nail fungus
· Vertigo or balance problems
· Joint or muscle pain
· Bad breath In spite of good oral hygiene
· Allergies…air-born or food
· Malabsorption (might be indicated by vertical grooves in fingernails)
· Vaginal yeast infections
· Itching or redness in body creases
· Acne on face, back or body
· Cravings for Chocolate, peanuts, pistachios or alcohol
· Adrenal or thyroid failure
· Hemorrhoids, fissure or rectal bleeding
· Insomnia
· Chronic fatigue
· Feeling cold and shaky
· Weight imbalances (over or under in spite of diet)
· Poor memory
· Puffy, dry or burning eyes
· Urinary tract problems (infections or incontinence)
· Premature ageing
· Chemical sensitivity (especially colognes or fabric dye)
· Blood sugar imbalances 

Candida Protocol

The first step on a Candida Protocol brings us back to basics… which is to clean up the diet, by taking the following steps;

Eat real food, not boxed, canned, processed or fake food. Eat a diet that is properly balanced. 

Avoid high starch, high sugar foods including the very sweet fruits until you are more balanced.  

Digest it well, digestive enzymes are highly recommended if you have a history of poor eating habits, if you have stress, if you eat in a hurry or you are over 40 years old. 

Eliminate the waste regularly. 

Exercise to keep the blood flowing. This delivers nutrients and eliminates waste. 

If there has been a large overgrowth, you may need to decrease the yeast in the system and start over with a new balance, I suggest Enzyme Solutions #17 for this. 

Overgrowth of candida yeast remains one of the most common symptoms seen.  However I hope you realize that it is indeed a symptom of poor digestion. If the foods were good choices and properly digested they would be used as nutrition not consumed by “bad” bacteria. If you see imbalances in the body as the request for help that they are, you will find that healthy balance isn’t all that difficult to achieve 

 Reference: Elaine Newkirk, ND

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