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Weight Management

Weight Management

It is very possible to remove excess weight permanently from the body.  The body functions at its best at our optimal weight.  However to properly deal with excess weight we must become aware that excess weight is not a root cause.  Excess weight is just a symptom that there is an imbalance in the body.  Unfortunately our bodies don't speak english, however it does speak to us through signs and symptoms.  If the root cause is addressed and the body is given what it needs to become balanced the symptoms naturally go away, thus the excess weight.  However if you choose to just address the symptom of excess weight without addressing the root cause, by taking some of the latest diet pills or going on certain popular diets, many times after you finish taking the pills or go off the diet a rebounding effect will occur in the body causing weight to return and many times with additional pounds.  Unfortunately this is a very common cycle for many people, yet can be easily corrected by addressing the situation properly. 

Below is more detailed information to elaborate on the above;

You have to be healthy first before you can actually and permanently lose weight. Excess weight is a symptom of an unhealthy-unbalanced system of your body.  On ‘weight loss’ programs out there, you may temporarily lose some initial weight, but you don’t get down to optimal weight or health, unless you deal with the overall health of your body.  With many standard type weight loss programs often times after the temporary weight is lost the body will rebound and the excess weight will return usually with additional pounds.  

Weight loss is NOT the goal.  You have to understand that fat is a symptom of underlying conditions.  You can lose weight through prepackaged, portion controlled products with exercise, but that’s not the optimal solution and can lead to bigger problems down the road.  The optimal solution is healthier glands and hormones, which will create an optimal internal environment allowing the body to naturally remove the excess weight permanently.  

Understanding fat – Our body has an innate survival mechanism, and because our glands, organs, and hormones can’t speak English, their over or under activity speaks to us and tells us there are imbalances through symptoms.  Excess fat is a symptom that speaks loudly to us to express an imbalance in these systems.  Fat is also the defense mechanism against a stressor in our body eg. toxins and excess cortisol.  Fat envelops toxins so we can function with the level of toxins in us, it is also the symptom that hormones are out of balance.  Toxins trigger water and fat retention in the body, (when the body is faced with increased toxicity, which provides inflammation, our bodies respond by retaining water in an effort to dilute both fat soluble and water soluble toxins.)  Please don’t confuse healthy essential fatty acids with fat in your body.

The goal- Optimal health is where the systems of the body are working synergistically and efficiently.  Every endocrine gland is interrelated.  So supporting a gland in isolation is counterproductive in regards to optimal health.  Which system is more important to support weight loss?  Liver? Adrenals? Thyroid? Pancreas?  Answer; they ALL need to be supported so they can work synergistically, as a whole.

The fuel-  Just like you shouldn’t support a body’s isolated system, all the naturally- occurring components in whole foods and their interactions, make up a matrix which influences all the biological processes that need to take place in our bodies to ensure our health.  This interaction represents synergy in which all the cofactors are needed to participate in a harmonious concert.  These can only be found in raw organic vegetables, fruit, nuts, seeds, and grass fed organically grown sources of meats, chicken, eggs, and fish.  Also quality whole foods supplements give you the matrix of enzymes and cofactors needed to fuel your body in concentrated, clinical potency.  

In addition to proper nutrition, a proper exercise program is also an important component for weight reduction. Studies show, even 10 minutes of extra exercise daily will significantly reduce the risk of heart disease, along with helping achieve weight reduction.  Something very basic you can do to enhance cardiovascular fitness and encourage weight loss, is walk for 20 or 30 minutes three times a week.

Weight management summary;

1. Health first- A healthy body will create optimal weight, along increased energy and vitality, and many other benefits that will allow you to live your life to it's highest level and fullest potential.  

2. Weight loss is not the goal- Many programs can cause temporary weight loss, but can many times lead to rebounding and retoxing the body causing potential bigger problems down the road.

3. Understand fat- It is a symptom of unbalanced systems.  Excess toxicity in the body causes an increased level of fat production ito take place in order to protect the body from the harmful effects of the toxins.  There are healthy and unhealthy fats.

4. The goal- Optimal health is all systems working in harmony.

5. The fuel- Eating organic fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, animal protein, in proper proportions, along with the proper supplementation according to your specific body's needs, in conjunction with proper adequate exercise.

6.  A basic exercise program consisting of walking 20 -30 minutes three times a week will greatly encourage your weight reduction efforts. 

Any information provided on this website is not intended to be used for the diagnosis, treatment, or cure of any specific medical condition and is not intended as a substitute for the advice of your own health care practitioner. Before you make any nutritional changes, seek the advice of your medical doctor who is familiar with your medical condition.

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