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The Difference 1 Day Makes

The Difference 1 Day Makes

How we use the Loomis Institute 24-hour urine test to determine enzyme and nutritional deficiencies.

This handy dandy test is not a diagnostic test, but rather a prognostic one - it predicts the disease you will get if you don't clean up your diet and nutrition act. This urine test shows enzyme and nutrient deficiencies long before they show up in the blood. Why? The blood will keep what it needs and dump what it doesn't. By examining the urine we can see what the blood is doing. For example, if the urine shows low calcium this means the blood cannot spare the threshold (normal) amount of calcium. The same is true for all nutrients found in the urine. Cells will sacrifice themselves to the blood so it can maintain its homeostasis - a very narrow range of values. First, the Loomis urinalysis tells what you cannot digest, absorb or assimilate. If it's protein, you are protease deficient. If it's fat, you are lipase deficient. If it's carbohydrates, you are amylase deficient. If it's sugar (cane, milk or grain sugar), you are (respectively) sucrase, lactase or maltase deficient.

Second, this test reveals nutrient deficiencies, such as chlorides, calcium, vitamin C and salt. Yes folks, many of you are salt deficient because you have been told not to eat salt. Read about how important salt is in the section on high blood pressure. 

Third, this test determines acid - alkaline (pH) balance. This is very important for mineral absorption. For example, overly alkaline people can't absorb calcium, develop calcium-deficiency problems (e.g. arthritis, osteoporosis) and may be very anxious. 

Fourth, this test shows if youhave an allergy pattern. Most people have this pattern even if they are unaware of the cause. 

Fifth, this test reveals how toxic your colon is. Did you know there is a poison that comes from undigested food that is excreted in the urine? It's called indican and there are over 100 conditions that are associated with high urinary indican levels. 

How can the urine test predict disease? Each enzyme deficiency can lead to several health conditions. Let me briefly illustrate (this is only a partial list): 

Protease deficiency: anxiety, immune system problems, frequent infections and edema (anywhere); 

Lipase deficiency: gallbladder problems, cardiovascular problems,hypertension,obesity,diabetes, stomach problems; 

Amylase deficiency: skin problems such as hives, rashes, herpes, allergies to bee stings/bug bites/poison oak/ivy; 

Sucrase/lactase/maltase deficiency: physical:asthma, environmental illness,seizures,diarrhea;emotional/mental: mood swings,angry/irritable behavior, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD), panic attacks,insomnia and depression.


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