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Tips for Healthy Travel & Snack Ideas

Travel Snack Ideas & Tips

First things first, before departure make sure you have a good meal with plenty of protein and healthy fats BEFORE your flight or ship leaves or before heading out for our trip.  If you're leaving early morning, prepare something the night before and have it ready to go for the morning.

Travel friendly foods to consider taking on your trip:

-Cut up veggies, fruits, or whole fruits

-Hard boiled eggs

-Grass fed jerky, preferably gluten free

-Nutritional bars like Rawnola, Marigold, Manitoba Hemp Heart, Bulletproof, Oatmega-blueberry bars are cleaner-lower sugar bars you may consider.

-Protein powder.  You can add your protein powder to your mixer cup or carry it separately.  If you’re flying, just purchase a water bottle after check in or ask for filtered water on the plane to mix your shake with. 

-Canned (preferably bpa free) wild seafood that doesn't require a can opener like wild sardines or wild salmon are a great protein sources to take along with you.  Plan on bringing a lemon or lemon slices with you for a tasty snack or meal.
-Individual nut butter packets.  You can easily find these at sprouts, roots, whole foods, or just about any health food store.  They make for great traveling snacks.

-Gluten free oatmeal packets can make for a healthy, tasty, and quick breakfast.  Use the hot water from the coffee maker in your room and you’re good to go!

-Baby food jars (ex sweet potatoes ) can be a tasty treat, add your favorite nuts /seeds like some sliced or slivered almonds, or even protein powder for a heartier snack if desired.

-Bring or make your own trail mix.  An easy way to make your trail mix is go to the bulk bins at your preferred grocery or health food store and pick your favorite nuts, and seeds.  For added flavor or variety try some unsweetened shredded coconut flakes or lower glycemic dried fruit such as goji berries (in small amounts.)  Then at home empty all your items in a large zip lock bag, mix and then measure out 1/4 cup portions into individual baggies.  

-Some other packaged healthy options to consider are greens powder packets to mix with water or desired beverage in order to get your greens in while traveling, kale chips, macaroon balls, energy nuggets, raw cacao squares, organic fruit leathers.

 Other tips

-Before you leave look up healthy restaurants that will be nearby, so you can plan accordingly.  Consider using apps like yelp for this.

 -If you can’t find healthier restaurants, just about every restaurant has veggies and lean meats in the kitchen.  You don’t have to settle for just what’s on the menu.  Most restaurants cater to those who request healthier options, you just have to ask!   You may have to order al la cart sometimes, but at least you’ll get what you want.  Also, if you order sauces, order them on the side or better yet keep them in the kitchen!  (Unless they’re a healthy option.)  You can always order olive oil and lemon slices to mix and use as a dressing for your salad and veggies. 

 -You may consider taking a mini blender or small immersion blender to help whip up a smoothie while traveling.

 -Always stay hydrated, specially when traveling. 

 -Natural supplements to consider adding to your traveling first aid kit to help prevent possible illness:  Activated charcoal caps incase you catch a tummy bug or get food poisoning.  Digestive enzymes to help ease any indigestion from eating foods that may you may not be accustomed to eating. A broad based immune system support supplement like immuplex, ultra virx, or bio immunozyme, incase you or a travel mate gets ill.  If you are prone to constipation consider bringing a tea or supplement like naturalax to keep you regular.  Essential oils also make for great traveling companions, such as lavender, and peppermint. 

 -Above all keep in mind, that although you may not be able to eat perfectly healthy on your trip, don’t let it stress you out!   Just do your best and enjoy yourself, and get back on track when you get back home!

Enjoy these tips, and have a wonderful trip!