Arise & Shine Vitality Offers the Following Professional Services: 

Visit options include;  in our office, in your home-for those that are unable to drive, or long distance via phone or skype.                                                                                         All programs are available for the entire family. 

General Wellness Program: 

Each program is designed to meet your and your entire family's wellness, nutrition, spiritual and fitness needs and goals.  Each program provides a holistic approach to healing the mind, body, and spirit naturally through identifying the root causes of dis-ease and imbalances in the body.  We believe when the mind, body and spirit are balanced, this is the perfect recipe to thrive!  The first step in each program is to identify the root cause of what is creating imbalances and dis-ease in the body.  We then create a comprehensive and proven wellness program designed to assist each client in achieving and maintaining their specific health goals in the most efficient way possible.*    

General Wellness Programs are offered as follows:

Level 1 - 1 Month program

Includes; Initial 2 hr assessment and weekly phone/skype consult. 

Level 2 - 3 Month Program

Includes; Initial 2 hr assessment

2- 1 hr follow up appots & weekly phone/skype consults.

Level 3 - 6 Month Program

Includes; Initial 2 hr assessment

5 - 1 hour follow ups & weekly phone/skype consults.

Family Plan

Includes; In home assessments for entire family.

Follow up appot & weekly phone/skype consults.

Nutritional Make Over Program:

This program is designed to meet each client and family’s nutrition and wellness goals by providing first hand practical solutions for the following;  Where to shop for healthier foods, what to look for when shopping for the freshest/healthiest/tastiest foods and beverages, how and where to find healthier and tastier foods at the best prices.  In addition client will be given  practical and healthy kitchen tips including how to stock the pantry and refrigerator/freezer.  Program also includes a visit to a grocery or health food store like Organic Roots, Whole Foods, Sprouts, Trader Joes, Goodwins Organic, Clarks, or a local farmers market, whichever client prefers.  Client will learn to make choices based on 'good-better-best' options.  In addition clients will be given access to many healthy recipes to be enjoyed by the entire family.* 

Fitness and Weight Loss/ Weight Management Program:

This program is designed for successful and permanent results through identifying the root cause of each clients weight challenges.  A customized comprehensive program will be created including proper nutritional guidelines, nutritional supplementation recommendations, detoxification/purification program, additionally emotional support guidelines will also be provided in order to help develop and maintain a healthy and focused mindset.  An exercise program will also be created specifically to suit each clients needs and lifestyle. In addition, many proven effective and valuable tips will be shared designed to propel client in reaching goals in the fastest most efficient way possible. Each program also includes a customized 'maintenance' program. This comprehensive program will ensure you attain and maintain your healthy personal weight in the most efficient way possible. *  

All above programs can be customized with the following:

Grocery shopping tours. Learn how to shop for healthier items, while getting the most for your money. 

Cooking classes including in home cooking classes.  Learn how to make delicious, easy meals that you and your whole family will enjoy! 

Kitchen assessments.  Learn how to properly stock your pantry, fridge and kitchen. 

What to expect when we meet to discuss your health and wellness goals.   First step is to complete a Signs and Symptom Survey.  Our bodies don't speak to us in english, however it does speak to us through signs, symptoms and pains. There is always a root cause to the symptoms that occur in the body. The Signs and Symptoms Survey is one of the tolls we use to help identify the root causes and understand the struggles the body may be going through in order to deal with it's current environment. Once we determine the root cause and start to make the necessary changes by giving the body what it needs, this will create an internal environment in the body that will naturally allow healing to take place.  Further allowing the body to become balanced, while symptoms start to disappear, and optimum health returns.  

Some examples of the symptoms our bodies develops due to imbalances are weight gain, hair loss, acne, fatigue, inability to sleep properly, indigestion, bloating, constipation, PMS, as well as many degenerative illnesses such as cancer.  There is always a root cause to the symptoms that occur in the body.  

Next  we will complete a digestive exam testing all digestive organ points.  Including small intestine, large intestine, liver gallbladder, stomach, pancreas.  We will also do several tests checking for adrenal and thyroid function, vitamin/mineral levels, pH levels, BMI testing is also available for those with weight management goals.  Lastly we will do a fingernail, face, and tongue analysis.

Finally after all testing is complete and evaluated we create a comprehensive customized programs for each client designed to meet their specific needs.  Each client will receive their "Blue Print" Wellness Manual by the end of their appointment.   Guidelines with proper nutrition programs, including nutritional supplementation recommendations, a detoxification/purification program, exercise programs to suit each clients needs and lifestyle, and in addition included in the programs are customized faith based emotional support/healing guidelines, in order to help client to develop and maintain a healthy and focused mindset with the spiritual food necessary to greatly enhance their wellness journey.  This comprehensive program will ensure that each client receives what is needed to attain and maintain their personal health goals in the most efficient way possible.  After specific goals are attained, a maintenance program will be created for each client.         

*All programs are available for the entire family and include the following:

20 minute free initial consultation to discuss personal health challenges and wellness goals.

“Blue Print” Manual customized to meet each client’s specific needs and wellness goals.

Weekly 15 minute phone/skype consultations for the first month.

Follow up visits/accountability plans/maintenance programs. 

Free weekly /monthly newsletters. 

For additional information on any of the above or Lisa's Wellness Classes call:   951 290 8517