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Signs-Symptoms Survey

Signs-Symptoms Survey

Sometimes seemingly unrelated signs and symptoms of the body can be directly related to your health issues.

The Signs and Symptom Survey was designed to assist your health care practitioner in understanding exactly what struggles your body may be going through in order to deal with your current health issues.

Many times you may have various signs and symptoms that do not appear to have anything to do with what brought you in to see your health care practitioner.

For example:  If your back hurts, you may not tell your health care practitioner that you also experience bloating and constipation.

Let's use the following as an example scenario;

Let's say Judy goes in to see her health care practitioner for pain in her right shoulder.  This is an issue she has had for some time and even though treatment has helped, it is a recurring issue for her.  

This time however after her treatment, her health care practitioner has asked Judy to complete a Signs and Symptom Survey.  

When her health care practitioner reviewed the completed Signs and Symptoms Survey, it was discovered that Judy has trouble eating meat and fatty foods.  When she consumes any of these types of foods, she has stomach discomfort and constipation.  

You may ask...what could this possibly have to do with Judy's shoulder pain?  Let's go over the connection and further review what the completed survey revealed.

Judy has an imbalance and weakness in her gallbladder.  Her diet includes many meals at fast-food restaurants, which are extremely high in fat, and this puts undue stress on the gallbladder.  

Her gallbladder is now unable to handle the fats in her diet, and in a somewhat subtle way, her body has let her know the struggle it is having with her diet through the symptoms she is experiencing.  

Many times, when an organ, such as the gallbladder, is struggling to perform its functions, it causes referred pain in the body.  

Her recurring right shoulder pain is a sign of that struggle!

What Judy does not know is that there are nerves that run from the gallbladder, through the spine, and to the right shoulder. Hence the pain!

The health care practitioner now knows the root cause and so does Judy.  She must make changes in her diet, and generally take better care of herself.

The overall treatment Judy received is much more focused on the major struggles her body is going through because she has a knowledgable and caring health care practitioner, and she took the time to complete the Signs and Symptoms Survey.

Judy and her health care practitioner can now take the necessary steps needed to relieve some of the body's burden which will allow the body to heal and become balanced.  Resulting in relieving Judy of her pain and symptoms naturally.

Anytime any organ system of the body is out of balance, there are signs and symptoms.  Once they are identified, your treatment will be more specific for YOU!

At Arise & Shine Vitality, in order to ensure positive lasting results for our clients, one of the first steps we take during our initial consultation is to have them complete a Signs and Symptoms Survey, regardless of what their health challenges or health goals may be. 


Any information provided on this website is not intended to be used for the diagnosis, treatment, or cure of any specific medical condition and is not intended as a substitute for the advice of your own health care practitioner. Before you make any nutritional changes, seek the advice of a your medical doctor who is familiar with your medical condition.


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