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Health Defined

Health Defined


Health is defined as a balanced, and normal condition of the body and mind with all the parts working normally.  In a healthy body there is a harmonious integration of cellular activities in the various systems to meet an ever changing environment. 

Disease is defined disturbed function in the body either by out of time, out of tune, or disordered structure which doesn’t allow it to work normally.   In disease, there are only normal functions that are going too fast or too slow, or are otherwise inappropriate-out of time with need. Disease is not just suffering, but a fight for the body to maintain homeostatic balance in the body.   

The key then becomes how to recognize this inability before it becomes disastrous. We do this having our clients complete a Signs and Symptoms Survey which then helps us identifying the imbalances and root causes of dis-ease, and to understand exactly what struggles the body may be going through in order to deal with the current environment in the body.    

Every symptom crisis is produced by either mechanical, chemical or emotional stress that either is too strong or continues too long for the body to be able to adequately compensate.  Any stimulus that threatens homeostasis in the body has disease-producing potential.  Therefore any treatment designed to suppress unpleasant symptoms diminishes the body’s ability to protect itself.  

Symptoms are the first clue that there is a weakness or imbalance within the body.  Having a symptom doesn’t necessarily mean however that a disease process has begun.  Any time that a person has a symptom look at the internal environment and you will see that some cell, tissue, or organ is under considerable amount of stress.  It may be mechanical chemical or emotional; the source doesn’t matter.  The cell is unable to perform its function(s) properly because the stress is either too strong or has been there too long, and the cell either doesn’t have adequate nutrition or has accumulated too much waste.  In other words its environment is not adequate.  Perhaps it is not doing its share to keep the environment normal and other cells are suffering.  

 The rest of the society of cells will do what they can to maintain the internal environment.  Some may even die trying.  The body will rob peter to pay paul to keep the whole alive and well.  It might have to destroy some cells to get some nutrients such as protein or sugar but it will do it as required. The body becomes diseased only when it can no longer maintain the internal environment.  

One of the main fundamental keys when addressing dis-ease and imbalances in the body is through proper nutrition.  We need to give the body the vital nutrients it needs in order to nourish the cells.  Once we do that, a healing environment is created in the body, which then allows the body to become balanced and maintain homeostasis. Another vital factor of proper nutrition is that it is one of the best ways to PREVENT dis-ease.  The human body is a self-healing organism and is designed to maintain the internal environment to sustain life IF we provide and give it what it needs.


In addition to the above, the definition of health is so much more that the absence of illness or infirmity, it is a state of complete balance physically, mentally, and within our social well-being.  My own personal definition of health also ties into one of the fundamental beliefs that I have shared and carried on for nearly 20 years; "When you give the body what it needs, the body will repay you with optimum health, superior energy, increased vitality, and a positive disposition to go out and take advantage of life's opportunities. 

Of course for many there is always room for improvement.  However I truly believe that health is one of God's greatest gift to us, and one of our greatest possession.  Anything that can help us improve our health is very much worth doing.  As the phrase says, "Anything worth doing contains a seed of greatness bound by a hard shell.  When that shell is shattered, unstoppable life pours forth."  Please don't allow that shell of "it's too hard" keep you from the life that's inside of that shell.

Below are some of the benefits of having optimum health by giving the body the simple fundamental things it needs such as, proper nutrition, pure water, fresh air, sunlight, exercise, and rest. (Some of the very same benefits below that may inside of that 'shell' for you.)

-Going to sleep easily, naturally (without sleeping aids), getting good restful sleep for a continuous 5- 8 hours.  

-Waking up energized, rested, and ready to take on the day without depending on any type of coffee or stimulant.  

-Experiencing natural stable consistent energy and positive moods throughout the day naturally.  

-Having healthy appetites for healthful foods and beverages.  Being free of dominating cravings for sweets, alcohol, or cigarettes. 

-Like what you see in the mirror.

-Healthful skin and clear, radiant complexion.  Including healthy hair and nails that grow at a healthy rate and quality.  

-Increased self confidence.

-Increased sense of well being.

-Consistent positive disposition that allows you to truly enjoy life, and go out to take advantage of life's opportunity's.

-Healthy balanced weight. 

 -Ability to easily eliminate properly daily (2-3 bowels movements.)


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